Why You Should Follow Us

Our blog is a small world where all of your DIY dreams and fantasies can become true. It’s that place where everyone is welcomed and where we can share our thoughts and ideas. If you’ve been dreaming about some kind of project for a while, you will find support and ways to implicate it here.

Reasons to Read Our Blog

  • We always have some fresh ideas.
    We try to work fast to keep you interested and publish many interesting projects and ideas. We understand that people like different categories and are passionate about various things, so we try to differentiate our content to make it even better for everyone. We also have projects of different complexity.
  • You can find many helpful tips here.
    It’s not just a plethora of ideas, it’s also ways to make those projects real. We understand how hard it might be for some people to buy some expensive kits and find unique materials, so we also provide you with ideas of how you can still do your project on a budget. We select content the way it’s affordable for everyone.
  • It’s a friendly community.
    Negativity and bad words are totally not allowed here, we try to keep our blog positive and friendly. DIY culture is about helping others and yourself, which is supposed to be a happy thing.
  • All of our stories are real.
    We publish many stories from different people who are also passionate about DIY and crafts. All those stories are true and we are proud of that.
  • We test things ourselves.
    All the projects you can find here were tested by our team and passed that test successfully. We don’t include those ideas that don’t work or turn out badly. So you can be sure that our projects actually can be turned real.
  • We are a vibrant blog.
    We are here, writing for you, testing for you and keeping you interested.

If you have any further questions, we would be happy to answer them. We try to be supportive and help you whether you’re a pro in crafts or just a beginner. All of our readers matter to us, so you can find compassion and care.