About Us

Our blog is here to show you the best parts of DIY culture and help you wake your inner creative genius up. We want to help you find some new ideas and embrace new projects that will make you proud one day.

Do It Yourself is not just a hobby for us, it allows us to make the most of ourselves and show others who we are. It’s also a good therapy and an interesting thoughtful activity that allows you to dive deeper into your feelings. It’s a chance to be with your family or friends and work together on something interesting. Finally, it’s also a good way to spend your free time.

DIY taught us many things and made daily life easier. It’s not just about making beautiful things (although there is a lot of that too), but it’s about making your place more practical and comfortable. DIY taught us how to fix things in our own houses and how different mechanisms and objects work. And we want to share those things with you through our blog. Here you can find a lot of tips and projects, their descriptions and results, also we share ideas on where you can find some rare materials or how to substitute them.

In our blog, we collect the best ideas and moments that exist. We also share different stories, especially the ones that are our own or the ones coming from our readers. We want to show that making things yourself is possible even in the 21st century, so we try to collect only read and proven examples. All of the projects you can find here we tried ourselves and can also share some helpful ideas on how you can make it a little bit easier for yourself. It’s crucial for us to make this blog even more interesting for you, so we welcome your stories and are dying to hear about your personal experiences with DIY.

If you’re looking for a specific project, you might want to contact us to ask whether we know something about it. We are always willing to give you some advice and help out. Our DIY blog is also a small and carefully cultivated community of people, and we welcome our new members.